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What is the long-range plan?

Our long-range vision plan provides a roadmap for transforming Parkmerced from its current state to the future in 15 to 20 years. The plan provides the framework for physical construction, such as the location of buildings, open space, circulation and other land uses.

Has there been environmental review?

Yes. The long-range plan for Parkmerced underwent a thorough review of potential environmental impacts, per the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), to inform decision-makers and the public about any environmental effects of the proposed plan. Parkmerced's environmental impact reports also included the potential impacts of the surrounding proposed projects such as SFSU, 800 Brotherhood Way and more.

Can the public provide input into the planning process?

Yes. The planning process has been and will continue to be highly interactive. All members of the community will continue to have an opportunity to make their voices heard. We will work with the residents, neighbors and experts to explore the best options and designs for the future of Parkmerced.

Please visit News or Outreach on this website for information on how to participate, or contact us at to provide your input on the Parkmerced Vision Plan.

How many units will you add to Parkmerced?

Our vision of a world-class, sustainable Parkmerced includes adding over 5,600 new homes over the next two to three decades. We are looking forward to providing a mix of for-rent and for-sale housing in a variety of types and sizes to further promote diversity, from families to young professionals and seniors, similar to the rest of San Francisco.

By increasing the number of people at Parkmerced, we will create an active, vibrant neighborhood leading to a greater sense of comfort and security for our residents.

Our vision recognizes the need for a vastly improved transportation system in this part of the City - something that hasn't been possible for over 60 years but is now achievable with Parkmerced and an involved community.

Will you be dislocating residents and demolishing any existing buildings?

Protecting our current residents is our top priority.

Among options to add new homes and enhance housing for residents, we are planning the replacement of the garden homes with upgraded, more efficient buildings. Proposed improvements also will make the new buildings accessible to people with disabilities. New homes will be constructed prior to the replacement of existing apartments and residents will be moved into their new home prior to any demolition of their home. This will ensure that affected residents would move only once and into a new apartment.

What is your relationship to the proposed San Francisco State University (SFSU) expansion?

While Parkmerced is located next to SFSU, it is an entirely separate entity and not related to the university or its proposed expansion plans. SFSU's proposed expansion is separate from current renovations in progress and any future improvements we may pursue at Parkmerced. As neighbors and interested stakeholders, we are actively following and providing feedback for SFSU's master plan to modernize its campus.

Our vision for Parkmerced involves more families, more diversity of housing, decreased reliance on the automobile, and greater amenities for our residents involving sustainable technologies and practices. We are not looking to meet the housing needs of SFSU's expansion.

In short, we will continue to follow all of the proposed developments in the area to understand and study their potential impacts on the neighborhood as a whole. We will provide leadership on traffic solutions and other improvements. It should be clear that we are focused on transforming Parkmerced into a vibrant neighborhood.

Will you be turning rental units into condos?

No. We will not be turning any existing units into condos.

In terms of potential new homes, we've received a wide range of input, including suggestions for both for-sale and for-rent units. We will be exploring this further as we begin to build for the future.